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Medicine — The following statistics represent the work done at the Polyclinic Hospital during January, celexa discount card 1906: Patients admitted to house, 130; patients discharged, 98; new patients treated in dispensary, 1,736; total visits to dispensary. 8,229; accident ward, 700. Dr. Marcus Haase, of Memphis, Tenn. ; Dr. W. R. Bathurst, of Prescott, Ark. ; Dr. Alice Lillibridge, of Olyphant, Pa.; and Dr. Edward V. Weller, of Crafton, Pa., are registered at the college. Charitable Bequests order celexa canada — discount celexa By the will of Nannie M. Filler, the Home for Incurables receives $5,000 for the establish- ment of a free bed in tlie women's cancer ward. By the will of James C. Cromley, the House of the Good Shepherd and St. Vincent's order celexa online Home receive $300 each. By the will of Elizabeth S. Guss, of Westchester, Pa., the Wills Eye Hospital receives $100. By the will of Adam W. Louth. St. Agnes's Hospital re- order celexa online no prescription ceives $7,000 for the endowment of the Mary Louth free bed. The Section in General Medicine of the College of Physi- cians of Philadelphia — .\t a meeting held on Monday, Feb- ruary I2th, the following programme was presented : A Case of Scleroderma, with Exhibition of order celexa line Patient, by Dr. David Riesman ; Hysterical Neuroses of the Stomach and Exhibition of Patient with Rhythmic Borborygmus of Hys- terical Origin, by Dr. James H. Lloyd; Report of a Case of Pulmonary Abscess Followed by Recovery Without Oper- ation, celexa manufacturer discount program Together with a Study of the Case by Means of the X Rays, by Dr. James M. Anders and Dr. G. E. Pfahler; Recent Therapeutic Experiences with Pneumonia, by Dr. S. Solis-Cohen. 36o NEIVS ITEMS. I New Yokk Medical .Toornal. Scientific Society Meetings celexa price comparison in Philadelphia for the Week Ending Pebruary 24, 1906 order celexa no prescription — Monday, February 19th, Medical Jurisprudence Society; Northeast Branch, Phila- delphia County Medical Society. Tuesday, February 20th, Section in Ophthalmology, College of Physicians; Derma- tological Society; Academy of Natural Sciences; North Branch, Philadephia County Medical Society. Wednesday, February 21st, Section in celexa prices us Otology and Laryngology, Col- lege of Physicians; Association of Clinical Assistants of Wills Hospital; Franklin Institute. Thursday, February 22nd, Pathological Society; Entomological Section, Acad- emy of celexa generic cost Natural Sciences; Section Meeting Franklin Insti- tute. Friday. February 23rd, Northern Medical Associa- tion; South Branch. Philadelphia County Medical Society. The order celexa Health of Philadelphia celexa cost without insurance — During order celexa without rx the week ending February 3, 1906, the following cases of transmissible dis- eases were reported to the Bureau of Health : Cases. Deaths. Malarial ferer generic celexa vs celexa 1 Tvplioid fever 34* -1 Scarlet fever ^ • • • f? n rliickenpox • ^-^ " Diplithciia too Id Cerclirosijiual meningitis -• J Measles 684 26 Whooping cough..... 41 7 Tulierculosis of tne lungs ]■! i og Pneumonia -yS ''y Erysipelas 14 1 Puerperal fever -i U buy cheap celexa Tet.'inus J }. Septica-mla 1 buy celexa 40 mg " Hyrtrephobia 1 '' Mumps ■' \> Cancer .•■••■ . The following deaths were recorded from other transmis- sible diseases: Tuberculosis, other than tuberculosis of the lungs, 9; buy celexa canada diarrhoea and enteritis, under two years of age, 27. buy celexa The total deaths numbered 571. in an estimated population of 1,469.126, corresponding to an annual death rate of 20.21 in i.ooo population. The total infant mortality was 163;

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